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Quality politics

MASTED ASSEMBLY focuses on to design and manufacture machines, special machines, transfer machines, index tables and rotary tables.

MASTED ASSEMBLY’s management, aware of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and other parties concerned through the supply of products and quality services that fulfill the requirements imposed by him and at the same time to be COMPETITIVE, compromises with the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT and the fulfillment of the legal requirements.

It counts with:

  • Staff technically competent, responsible and suitably trained to the new technologies and means of manufacture.
  • Material means adapted to the productive process and compatible with the degree of precision required.
  • Development of training plans that promote human resources.
  • The establishment of cooperation relationships with suppliers and customers.
  • To define the PREVENTION as a general guideline of all quality actions.

It corresponds to the management committee, through his manager, the establishment of the aims of the quality that allow satisfying the needs of our customers and other parties concerned.

The attainment of objectives set out is the responsibility of all, being necessary the participation and collaboration of all the personnel of technical office, administration, quality, purchases, production and human resources for which the management of the company MASTED ASSEMBLY spreads the established quality policy and so that it is understood, implanted and maintained.

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